Carna Cave Hotel

Horse Riding Tour

Horse Riding Tour, You can take a pleasant ride on horseback in the beautiful valleys of Cappadocia, in fairy chimneys and historical buildings, in fragrant orchards, in the mountains and on the hills. You can add a new activity to your holiday by taking a horse tour in the Land of Beautiful Horses, another name of Cappadocia.

The horse farm, that is, the equestrian center, where you will go on a tour, is the beginning of your tour route. You start by choosing your horse first. You get companions based on which Anatolian, English or Arabian horses you are close to and their docility references. Even if it's your first time on a horse, you can get ready to explore after a short briefing at horse farms that are professionally serviced and supervised by safety measures. You can also take your children on board and enjoy this discovery as a family.